Barn Swallow… a poem

They visit every, single year

To build a mud-dobbed nest

If we can keep stray cats all clear

We will hope for the best

And watch this swallow family

Hatch, and grow, and fly away

Until next year

We’ll sit right here

Watching nature have her way

27 thoughts on “Barn Swallow… a poem

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  1. Enjoyed this… it brought back memories of the barn swallows who showed up every spring in our barn. It was always so much fun to watch the little beaks poking out of the mud nest as the mom bird came to feed them — but you had to be careful not to be spotted by the mom bird or she would come after you, swooping low over your head.

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  2. Hello Mr. Parish!
    We are starting to make our next Christian feature-film!
    And I was wondering if you would be interested in reblogging our last post about it to help us get the word out about it.
    Have a blessed day!

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  3. This reminds me of a birds’ nest built underneath our porch. We found it because, one day, we saw our dog sitting on the porch, sniffing, then just sitting and watching. The slats were just far enough apart that you could get just a couple inches away and watch the mama feed the babies.

    Also, that dog was basically a saint.

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