ART AND POETRY… a follow up

I had the pleasure of having my picture taken with the gentleman who wrote the poem I put into a painting of mine. How cool is that? Also, this painting is displayed at my favorite winery! Cheers🍷🍷🍷

Kevin Parish and Dean Putt at Carpenter Creek Cellars


Oh sorrow, you are the apothecary of martyrdom

You drug me with your vigilant patience

Until I am saturated within your devious design

Manifesting in my hour of slumber

You inoculate my fear, my doubt, my substance

You ride my dreams like the nightshade, Belladonna

Attempting to purge my gut 

When the promise of morning should bring light and hope

You continue your duplicitous folly

Lynching my heart and soul at will

Your incessant guile accosts me ceaselessly 

Strangling my resolve

Yet, this seeming monopoly has an adversary – Time

However, perseverance is your companion

Your light may dim

Yet you have timeless watchfulness

Only in death are you defeated

But, even in death you find purchase to begin anew

In others…

Poetry and Paintings

I’ve begun putting some of my poems onto some of my paintings. The last one is a poem an elderly gentleman penned and gave to the winery of the same name! See the description below the work!

BUTTERFLIES- Can be found within my former posts. 20X20 Acrylic Abstract
INTOXICATED – Can be found in my book: WHAT WORDS MAY COME – Poetry of Faith 24X30 Acrylic Abstract

CARPENTER CREEK – Written by Dean Putt (Rensselaer, Indiana 2013). Interpreted and written upon an original painting by Kevin Parish for Carpenter Creek Cellars (Remington, Indiana). 24X30 Acrylic Abstract

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