The hawk soars

Even while the tiny blackbird

Deftly dive bombs it from on high

One merely twitches and adjusts

The other strokes and falls

They both carry a faith

Whether large or small

Neither of them lose their focus


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BEAUTY… a poem of nature

selective focus photography of water droplets on grasses

While the early morning shadows stretch long across the dew covered grass

A transformation is on the prowl

There is no escaping

There is no reason to fight

All will be as it is meant to be

Crystalline shards, like diamonds, dance upon grassy tips

Sun rays wink through the bushes and trees

Small wild things savor the light

As Mother Nature strokes her canvas

And once again

In awe, we gaze upon her beauty

WIND… a poem

selective focus photo of woman standing on sea shore near rock formation during golden hour

Oh, wistful wind

How you tease me so

Gentle as the summer breeze

You cause dancing of the snow


Twisted and destructive

Typhoons and cyclones too

Heartbreak you leave in your path

To settle in the gloom

Sad, Child, Boy, Kid, Crying, Tears

You can ease the heat of August

Or crash the waves of the seas

Dry the tears from a baby’s eyes

Blowing as you please

body of water during daytime

A love or hate relationship

Mother Nature’s deadly wrath

Sailors curse or praise you

Are you a psychopath


gray road in between trees in grayscale photography

Summer solstice how I miss you

As you boar down with summer sun

The grass was green, and the waters were so right

But here we are now freezing

These gusts of winds – far more than breezy

As winter creeps in and brings its depth of night

NO RESPECT… a poem

Spinning, spinning, spinning

Day in and day out

Just when you think your work is finished

Something blows it out

For you, there is no respect

Most try to get away

But sometimes when you’re lucky

Some stick around and stay

To them you are so grateful

Though they too make a mess

But acids in your tummy

Help a spider to digest

brown orb weaver hanging on web

AFTER… a poem

overlooking view of mountains and sunrise

Subsequent to dying

I took a little tour

And discovered

All that I’d missed

And just a little more

The beauty within colors

That paint the morning sky

A field of flowers

All in bloom

Upon a mountainside

Precious little children

So dependent

And so sweet

Coo and smile

All the while

They play at momma’s feet

Fish within the ocean

Varieties – every kind

Birds so small

I’d have missed them all

If I hadn’t died

Creatures hiding in the bush

Some up in the trees

If only I had seen them

Before I sprouted wings

And while you do not hear me

My words are in the wind

Always say I love you

For we all come to an end

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