The darkest corners in the night

Never shadows, never light

Fear is frightened by the sight

Growing deeper in the blight

Helplessly this hold will wane

Shielded by a carapace feign

Creeping, seeping all in vain

Kept off-balance by the sprain

Destination loss of sense

Vertigo for recompense

Mended paths from where, from whence

Fogged the mind profound and dense

Withered the little creatures there

Like dead leaves of a snow filled air

Too despoiled to even care

Catch the whisper of despair

Endlessly the depths they grow

Echoed spaces down below

Sweat breaks out from head to toe

What lies afore… Soon to know

Catch unlikely in this game

Descending through the horrors flame

No one will hear a last refrain

The venture wins another claim

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