THE STREAK… a silly something or another

grayscale photography of man opening his mouth

Streaking down from up on high

Where clouds bear heavy burdens

And the sun struggles to get through

There, I saw an amazing sight

One that took my breath away

And brought chill bumps to my body

A sight that will stop you in your tracks

And make the world cease its spinning

Well, not really and only for a moment

Yep, an unexpected explosion of lightning

The kind that makes you whisper a prayer

Whether you want to or not

Whew, I hope there’s a restroom near


Concentric circles

All around

In the air

And on the ground

They have me leaping

Here and there

Nowhere safe

Should I care

My drink it sits upon the bar

Next to the eyes

Within the jar

No, pickles must be what I see

Have I been drugged

Oh yes, clearly

So if I must endure this dream

A spirograph I choose to be

CHEW TOYS, NOT!… a poem

black and white cat watching adult yellow Labrador retriever on window

Given the hand that feeds me

I shall bite, no more!

It’s cold, and wet, and dark out here.

A dog house? What’s that for?

From the cat, I heard a rumor

That Master was very upset.

Her shoes were there and teasing me…

Did I chew them?

Oh, you bet!

Now, here I lay, so lonely

In the backyard where I can see.

The cat on the sil

With a smile on her face

Looking out on me!

MY SHOES… a poem

pair of brown leather boots in pavement

Please, if you choose to walk in my shoes

Don’t you dare stray

Have a quick look around

And then walk away

It’s hard enough for me

To shuffle around in this place

Without tripping over your stuff

And falling flat on my face

So, if I find you’ve been here

And you were conscious and kind

I’ll invite you again

To walk further next time

FUNK AND JUNK… a silly poem

I sit and ponder

And sometimes cry

Sometimes I laugh

I don’t know why

man sitting on chair

The confusion that’s swirling

Inside my head

Keeps my hopes alive

Which is better than dead

And if I put things off

Just a little bit more

Then tomorrow creeps in

Faster than before

silhouette photography of mountain during golden hour

So maybe I’ll concentrate

And work through this funk

And like a slow computer

Delete all the junk

garbage bags on the floor

EAT THE FUDGE… a silly poem

chocolate cake on white ceramic plate

If I had only let go

When the anger began

There’d have been no turmoil

But pride ruled this man

Overcoming adversity

Was always taught to me

Yet, I let my guard down

And the darkness broke free

Now I sit in this cell

Awaiting the judge

I said I was sorry

I should have eaten the fudge

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