OH MIRROR… a poem

Girl, Woman, Blonde, Young, Robot

Who do I see in this mirror?

Am I to judge you?

To sentence you?

To degrade you?

To admonish you?


You are not the enemy!

Your sentence has been paid.

Your life is free.

There is no punishment!

You are a gift, and don’t you ever forget it!


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Animal, Flamingo, Avian, Bird, Feathers
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There is a shadowbox inside of me

One not meant for others to see

Sometimes it is filled with pain or dread

When times are troubled inside my head


Other times it’s filled with hope, love and glee

The sunnier, shinier side of me

Regardless, it’s there firmly in place

Keeping a watchful frame ’round my grace



Monochrome Photo of Man Holding a Mirror
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Were I to look deep down inside

To better understand

The magic that resides herein

The soul within the man

Reflecting all the good and bad

Always a healthy start

There I’d be for me to see

In the mirror of my heart

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