ALONE… a poem

A woman in the bathtub with clothes on in Daytona Beach

Sometimes, when the pain is too deep

I drift away in sorrow

Though minor in reality

My mind registers a cataclysmic event

While the silence engulfs me

My heart suffocates alone

Where is my knight in shining armor

Where has my guardian angel flown

SIREN SONG… a poem

Mermaid, Water, Water Creature, Mystical

Serenade me

If you must

Know my will

Is my own

Deaf, these ears

To the Siren song

You still sing

There, all alone

Chances lost

They’ve ebbed away

Tides have turned

And, so have I


Not again

Will I be drowned

To quench your pride


As I lay here drowning in my sorrows

And I wonder why my dreams did not come true

I reflect upon my yesterdays – not tomorrows

Because the greatest gift I had in life – was you

Oh, the cliff that I was on was so much higher

So much higher than I had ever dreamed

And this fall from grace has shattered me to pieces

Now I lie here in a broken hearted stream

gray concrete mini bridge during daytime

I Cry… a poem

From the cold depths of my hollowed soul

I cry

With my heart in tatters and filled with rage

I cry

My ears ring with loathsome sounds of tragedy

And I cry

Where is there kindness in my world

Who will save me

Who will comfort me – When I cry

man leaning on wall

DADDY… a poem

Daddy was the strong one

I had never seen him cry

When grandpa passed away

He came and wiped my eye

And grandma wasn’t far behind

She loved my grandpa so

He wiped away more tears that day

From me – but not his own

That was so very long ago

Now, with children by my side

My mamma passed away today

And daddy broke down and cried

Humanity… a poem

Little old Fiddlebrock Simpsonstien
Wondered the streets alone
He was a simple and quiet old man
His features like toppling stone
No one could understand him
When words did escape his lips
While some would laugh and tilt their heads
Others laid hands on hips
With head hung low like the setting sun
Fiddlebrock heads for home
An appliance box with newspaper floor
Keeps him warm from the fresh falling snow
Image result for homeless cardboard homes
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Broken to a point of desperation

Downtrodden, heavy-hearted, lost

Burdens greater than ever before

Torment and anxiety the cost

Guilt has a way of teaching us

Which road to take, it’s true

Travel down the path where the heart leads

Or suffer the consequences within you

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