INSIDE THE PALE… a poem of faith

Aurora phenomenon

Be who you are

The power is inside

Reach for the stars

Have faith and not pride

Give voice to the voice

That resides in your heart

The words that you say

Can mend a soul torn apart

Speak kindness and love

And lead the right way

Smile and laugh often


Time will soon come

And your ship will sail

Stay true in your faith

Live inside the pale


blue red and yellow abstract painting

If I fall, I know the kiss of a thousand angel’s wings will catch me and set me upon the solid ground with a reassurance that can only come from God. If I lose a friend, my heart may break, but time will heal the heart and soul as our paths have been forever laid out before us in the book of life. We may not know what is written on those pages until we have ventured beyond them, but if we have faith in God, then it really doesn’t matter. Have faith and be well my friends!

FOR YOU… a love poem

Children, Forward, Skin Color

For you I’d count the stars at night

Then bring them down to see

For you I’d swim the ocean’s wide

It’s what you mean to me

girl wearing red and black plaid jacket holding flower

I’d give my life right now for you

Without a second guess

And feel the last beat of my heart

Because of you I’m blessed

gray asphalt road during sunset

I’d climb a height no one has climbed

And sing throughout the day

Then fly back down on eagle’s wings

Where in our bed we’d lay

Woman Lying On Bed

For you there’s nothing I won’t seek

Just to see your smile

For you have made my life complete

And happy – if just for awhile

BEREFT… micro story

His chest felt like it was sinking, untethered to anything, so too did his broken heart. Tears flowed in unfettered streams down his cheeks wetting his shirt. Sunlight glistened like tendrils of silver flecks within each drop. As for his heart… It was bereft of the only love it ever knew.

man wearing white dress shirt


man holding white flowers

Regret me not

For our time draws quickly

With each dusk

The following dawn

Has no guarantee

Indeed, for us we have only today

Surrender finds its way


Captured in this moment

In this time

In this life

In your smile

TIDE… a poem

woman silhouette on beach shore during golden hour

The tide has ebbed

And now turns

In a moment

Slowly the rise

And flow

Is at hand

Gentle the touch

Washed over


How much control

Of her

Has this man

UNLOAD… a poem

Feet, Feet In Bed, Bed, Rest, Tired

Lean back

And pretend

That this time

Will never end

Count the minutes

Count the hours

Morning rains

Midnight showers

For when it’s over

Yeah, when it’s done

We’ll look back

At all our fun

And talk about it

Down the road

Until then

Let’s just unload


Eight days from someday

A quiet night on the cove

Beneath the eyes

Of a moon so high

With no mention of snow

A beach that’s living in my dreams

Perhaps it will come true

Eight days from someday

A time for me and you

Your blue eyes sparkle, and they shine

Reflecting like the moonlight

Off the gentle lapping waves

Paradise, awe… just right

But here we are awaiting

For that future to come true

Eight days from someday

And I’ll spend it all with you

silhouette of palm tree at night time

LONGING… a love poem

You know what I mean

Without me saying a word

I know what that look says

To all others, unheard

A brush of your skin

Excites me to my core

And we long for each other

Always wanting more

Man and Woman Lying on Bed

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