A FINAL NIGHT… a dark-ish poem?

If I write today

Will it resonate

With anyone at all

If I tell a tale

And toast with ale

Will you catch me if I fall

Will the moon still rise

And cross each night

Of a celestial starlit sea

Or will the ink run dry

As I lay here and die

With no one next to me

REFLECTION… some thoughts

person wearing maroon dress shirt wearing brown hat

We find moments of reflection, sometimes

In the oddest of places

Riding in a car when an old song plays

Looking at a person you think you know, but don’t

Watching the gait of a stranger in front of you on a sidewalk

Hearing a sound or voice with just the right pitch and tone

Yes, we reflect upon the past

And we dream of the future

While we live in the here and now

And contemplate time…

NIGHTMARE… a dark poem

girl in white long sleeve shirt lying on dried leaves

I cast out the blue demons deep into the night

Yet their shadows continue to haunt me

How do I escape these unworldly specters

While even now they fall around me in silhouettes

How I pray for the light to chase the unseen away

How I beg in a guttural growl to be set free

Then, and only then, did I awake from this nightmare

DREAMS… a poem

person seated on grass

What is it like to capture a dream

To hold it your hands

Like a beautiful scene

How do you keep it

And not let it go

But for a second it was yours

Like one flake of snow

Only to disappear to the past

A picture in the mind

That may never last

Yet, just for a moment

The dream did come true

It put a smile on my face

Has it happened to you

GRACIOUSLY… a poem of faith

man kneeling down near shore

If I step out upon the grasses

In the memories of my life

Will I be filled with awed expressions

Or subdued by ills and strife

Will the corners of my lips be turned

Into an upward smile of grace

Or strangled on the bile of sadness

Knowing how I’ve wasted in this place

And when I wake up from this dream

Upon my knees I know I’ll fall

Because my God has blessed this soul

Beyond mere memories

Beyond the wall

So here and now I praise the works in me

That He did give so graciously

And thank Him each and every day

For teaching me the only way

NO WAY OUT… a dark poem

Woman Covering Her Face With Brown Scarf

Canvas towers of black paint the horizon

There is no way out

There is no way out

Turrets of stone in windswept hues

There is no way out

There is no way out

A blanket of stars, black as pitch

There is no way out

There is no way out

Suffocating inside this sarcophagus, frozen forever

There is no way out

There is no way out

DREAMS… a poem

painting of tree

I was dreaming

Yes, this is true

In places I cannot explain

No idea of where or who

Frustrated, I call out in the night

And wake myself supine

Trying to recapture

These crazy dreams of mine

HORIZONS… a poem

The clouds on the horizon

They never do get near

A fleeting star shoots through the night

Out into the clear

Just beyond my reach again

Just beyond my heart

Maybe on the morrow

I can find a brand new start

If home is where the heart is

It’s where I want to be

Casting doubts and broken promises

Always a part of me

But I’ll keep on dreaming, yes

It’s what I always do

For one day on that horizon

I know that I’ll find you


An apricot lullaby

Mesmerizing and deep

Cleansing my mind

As I’m falling asleep

Wrapped in the arms

Of my mother’s sweet love

Drifting away

On the wings of a dove

Moon, Moonlight, Dream World, Dream

Dreams of my father

So proud and strong

Walking the dogs

While singing a song

The morning sun rises

And to my weary eyes

I see a book on the chair

Filled with sweet lullaby’s

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orange and white pontoon boat
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At night I walk in sleepy wonder

Of what this world

May not be

In subtle dreams

I often wonder

If poison tastes

Like our disease

Be not still

Oh, flailing conscious

Tell a story

Of one’s regret

Lest we wake

Upon the morn

Lest we wake

And then forget

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