Oh sorrow, you are the apothecary of martyrdom

You drug me with your vigilant patience

Until I am saturated within your devious design

Manifesting in my hour of slumber

You inoculate my fear, my doubt, my substance

You ride my dreams like the nightshade, Belladonna

Attempting to purge my gut 

When the promise of morning should bring light and hope

You continue your duplicitous folly

Lynching my heart and soul at will

Your incessant guile accosts me ceaselessly 

Strangling my resolve

Yet, this seeming monopoly has an adversary – Time

However, perseverance is your companion

Your light may dim

Yet you have timeless watchfulness

Only in death are you defeated

But, even in death you find purchase to begin anew

In others…


silhouette of mountain during sunset

I see the orange and purple sky on the horizon

And I feel pacified

Everything is going to be alright

I watch the gentle rain assiduously bathe the earth

And I feel afresh

Everything is going to be alright

I hear the distant, unbridled laughter of a child

And I feel a smile play upon my face

Everything is going to be alright

I see the love in my wife’s eyes as she says goodnight

And I feel blessed as she says

Everything is going to be alright

DARKNESS… a dark poem

right human hand

As darkness gathers and builds

Joining the abyss of progressive emptiness

Satan plays a joyful song

Another notch is etched into the handle of his sickle

Shattered beyond repair is a heart left in the waste

Discarded as so many before

Never to be alone – but alone nonetheless

Restricted from the hope of true happiness

Gone is the gleeful innocence of yesterday

Replaced with the ever ebbing tide of sorrow

Adrift in a slow current

Until – even the darkness – wanes


Darkness is a world where we cannot see the light

Within the light is hope

Within hope is life

Within life is a world where darkness is but a blink of the eye

woman cap-sleeved shirt raising both hands with white textile on face

ALONE… a poem

A woman in the bathtub with clothes on in Daytona Beach

Sometimes, when the pain is too deep

I drift away in sorrow

Though minor in reality

My mind registers a cataclysmic event

While the silence engulfs me

My heart suffocates alone

Where is my knight in shining armor

Where has my guardian angel flown

MISERY… a dark poem

person's arm under water with frizz

Light the way out of this darkness

That cradles me in its arms

Break the binding chains that hold me

Stifling me and causing harm

Help me reach just high enough

To catch an angel’s eye

And lift me from this misery

That has become my life


Pot, Cooking Pot, Cauldron, Green, Slick

Dark, tangential grip of despair

You pull me down into the doldrums

Dungeons for my soul

Whilst I struggle to get free

With light all around me

Your blinders are placed strategically over my eyes

The doors and windows to happiness

Were but illusions to this blinded heart

Escape is a mere nod of a passerby

A stranger with a smile

But, no

The hypocrisy is not lost here

For kind words spoken without honest intent

Have shown me the way to karma

Alas, I now stew in the cauldron

Of my own tepid broth

A recipe of disaster


Man, Board, Drawing, Muscles, Strong

When a broken heart

Can’t find the words

Who’ll be there to help it through

When depression strikes

And sucks you down

It seems there’s nothing you can do

Seasons come

And seasons go

You will find them in the past

So, hold on tight

And ride the ride

Until you’re whole again at last

WEIGHT… a poem

The weight we carry

In the belly

In the thighs

Cannot hide the weight we carry

Deep, deep down inside

Alone, Sad, Depression, Loneliness
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Perhaps, there on the outside

They say, “You’re looking tight!”

If they only knew

What’s on your heart

They might hold you through the night

Dog, Snow, Joy, Winter, Fun, Friend
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But, lest it be forgotten

There is One who carried more

He will stem the tide

On this difficult ride

And shoulder the weight that you once bore

Love, Jesus, Prophet, Holy Man, Christ
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