Whereby… a poem of release

man standing on brown rock formation beside seashore during daytime

Whereby, I find myself by the sea

And I am happy

Whereby, I find myself with a new freedom

And I am happy

Whereby, I finally let go and move on

And I am happy

Whereby, this is the day I leave a job I no longer love

And – I am happy

Where is your happiness?

12 thoughts on “Whereby… a poem of release

Add yours

  1. Kevin, this sounds a lot like a dream I had the night I decided to quit my job and move on. In the dream I was struggling to ride a bike on a sandy path through dense, dark woods. Just as I was exhausted and about to give up, I burst out of the woods into the sunshine of a beautiful beach. (I could hear Beach Boys music playing. 😊)
    To answer your question, following Jesus’ plan for my life makes me happy.

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  2. Congratulations on leaving a job that no longer made you happy!! I know what a hard decision it is. My happiness was leaving not only the job but the whole career behind. It had become a soul-sucking abyss. A shame, really.

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