SNUGGLE… a poem

woman lying on bed covered with white blanket

Lay here just a little longer, sweetie

It’s cold outside

No need to get out of bed yet

Under these covers we can hide

And who knows what can happen

Well, we both know the answer to that

We’ll snuggle up tight and fall back to sleep

All warm in this cozy little sack

13 thoughts on “SNUGGLE… a poem

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      1. Quick question… Have the past few posts of mine had audio that works? I was doing a preview of todays and it doesn’t work for me. It didn’t work when I wrote it yesterday either! Curious as to what may be happening… ;-))) Thank you!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well, I don’t hear it either, but my wife said she heard it fine when she saw it on Facebook. I just tried that from my laptop and nada! Hmmm… It may be good that you don’t hear me “sing!” ;-)))


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