Abstract Painting Story/Poetry Contest

Hello my wonderful, talented WordPress family!

As I have continued my struggle to write on any kind of regular basis I had a thought… Start a contest! I will post a couple of my abstract paintings and see what kind of response I get with micro-fiction or poetry using one of the paintings below as the subject.

As an added bonus I will give away each painting to the winner that I and my small team choose. (Any ideas or volunteers to help judge would be great. You would obviously not be in the contest.)


  1. Choose one painting to write about.
    1. Microfiction – 300 or less
    2. Poetry – Comparative to length of microfiction (Nothing real long, please!)
  2. Submit back as a response to this post.
  3. Post copy of painting with your submission.
  4. Winners will be determined after the contest is closed on Dec. 31st. The winners and their submissions will be presented in a new post.
  5. I will acquire the address for the winner and send the paintings out in January.
Painting 1
Painting 2

Good luck to all and happy writing!


24 thoughts on “Abstract Painting Story/Poetry Contest

Add yours

  1. I just came across this post. I do not want to enter the contest, but I would like to submit a poem for the first painting.

    ——– Your Word washes over me
    Like an overwhelming sea
    Covering me with thoughts of atonement and great mercy

    Remembering your shed blood
    It cleanses like a great flood
    Thank You Jesus, we are now beautiful like a redbud

    Your Book of Life has my name
    Praising You is now my aim
    Kings of kings, Lord of lords, you have taken away my shame

    You may use or post this anywhere (or not – lol). I also think this is a good idea for a post. I would like to participate again. Looking forward to what others do.

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