MY MUSE… a poem

green-leafed plant

Muse, oh muse

Where have you gone?

You’ve taken my poetry,

and you’ve taken my song.

We use to be close

In love every day

But in the blink of an eye

You just went away.

I hope that you come back

To me with a smile.

And say, “Hello baby!

It’s been quite a while!”

And I hope you bring with you

Poetry of love

Of humor and drama

And inspiration from above.

But until you return

I will still miss you so.

My fingers are ready

When you’re ready to go!

20 thoughts on “MY MUSE… a poem

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      1. Hi Liz! Happy New Year! So, it would appear that there were only two entries for the contest that I posted and asked you to help with. Interestingly enough, one person posted for one painting, and the other person the other painting… I guess that worked out pretty well. Considering I have been off and not on the computer much since December 15th, maybe I got lucky. Perhaps I’ll try this again after I am settled back into normal/regular posting. Thank you for your willingness to assist me with the judging. Pretty easy gig, huh? ;-)))


  1. I like the meandering nature of this poem. It takes you on journey of the the persona’s voice that we as readers want to follow.

    The line that stood out for me was –
    And say, “Hello baby!
    It’s been quite a while!”

    It feels to me like it holds the poem together.

    P & L.

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