Eight days from someday

A quiet night on the cove

Beneath the eyes

Of a moon so high

With no mention of snow

A beach that’s living in my dreams

Perhaps it will come true

Eight days from someday

A time for me and you

Your blue eyes sparkle, and they shine

Reflecting like the moonlight

Off the gentle lapping waves

Paradise, awe… just right

But here we are awaiting

For that future to come true

Eight days from someday

And I’ll spend it all with you

silhouette of palm tree at night time

11 thoughts on “EIGHT DAYS FROM SOMEDAY… a poem

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    1. Thank you, Liz! So, a little back-story of where that came from… My wife and I are on Whole30 (diet to me, dietary reset to my wife), and when I wrote the poem we had eight days left to make the 30 days. Of course, my muse had other ideas when the words fell upon the screen. ;-))) Ha

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