Bee Love Award…

Thank you Yeka, It’s All About Love, for nominating me for your heartfelt and precious award. Your gift to us, your readers, is truly God given and genuine!


  1.    Attach the BEE LOVE AWARD LOGO on top of your post.
  2.    PIng back to YBP, IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE.
  3.    Thank your fellow blogger who nominated you.
  4.    Share your Definition of LOVE and How You Live Out LOVE.
  5.    Nominate your  fellow bloggers who live out love and inspiration on WP.  (Love knows no limits, so nominate as many fellow bloggers you’d like to shine your light on!)

My definition of LOVE: God’s gift to humanity. One rule!

How I Live Out LOVE: By loving and forgiving often, usually beginning with myself!

My Nominations:

Jenna – The Sunshine Artist

Winnie – Musings

Richa – iScriblr

Dusty Boots

Susi – I Write Her


26 thoughts on “Bee Love Award…

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  1. Aww this is WAY BEYOND AWESOME!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thanks for continuously living out LOVE here on WordPress Kev! You’re amazingly inspirational in every way!!! ❤️💙💚🧡💜💛🧡💚💙❤️💛💜

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