Unfurled… a dark poem

A menagerie of melancholy emotions

Confounds the dreamless state of mind

A whirlwind of images lost at sea

While storm clouds scamper by

Incarcerated within unscalable walls

Hiding away from the world

A conscious that’s broken and can’t be repaired

My demented state – unfurled

Fantasy, Composing, Mystical, Surreal, Dream, Mysticism
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17 thoughts on “Unfurled… a dark poem

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    1. Oh… I can write and have written, not published, very, very dark poetry. One such poem is what got me out of a funk after a break-up. It was then that I realized writing was a release. Did I mention very, very dark! So much so that I even had to scratch my head and say, “huh?” Ha

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      1. I think I get it. Sort of like allowing yourself ten minutes of unbridled grief – sobbing, screaming, etc. for ten minutes a day (then saying “enough” and going on with your day) until the depression leaves. (Please don’t ask me how I know about that method…)

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      2. Oh, I’m sorry! No, it really just comes out whenever I say, hmmm, let’s write something dark, and, BOOM! There it is. ;-))) Virtual smiles and hugs if they help! Oh, and I saw Road Runner… He told me to tell you, “meep-meep!” Ha


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