U IS FOR UMBER…#AtoZChallenge2019

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You may see yourself as plain

A simple brown with a shade of red

Nothing very special, no

Never to turn a head

But life is such a mystery

Too often we sell ourselves shy

Your umber is amazing, especially to me

And you are beautiful to my eye

16 thoughts on “U IS FOR UMBER…#AtoZChallenge2019

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      1. Umber is not a simple color. It is one of the basic colors of the artist palette.

        For every word you highlight, I believe you should research it’s derivation and meaning for interesting highlights for your posts.

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      2. I work the other way around. I write whatever pops out then look for a picture to fit it. I’ve been doing some acrylic pours, since I’m not very artistic with a brush, but none of those have inspired. I’ll look at your art more closely now knowing this.

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