silhouette of man holding fishing rod
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The trouble with my tackle box

Is a vexing one to me

Hooks and sinkers,

Swivels and lines

And lures like potpourri

Trays that flex above one another

A myriad supply within

Lures that float

Some that sink

Others with props that spin

And what is it that’s so attractive

When into the water it goes

A glitter or flash

A color or splash

In this, I say, who knows

But as the sun sets at the end of the day

And I reel-in that famous last cast

Knowing it’s a lie

As fishers, you and I

Just one more – I’m having a blast

17 thoughts on “FAMOUS LAST CAST… a poem

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      1. I too am a fisher person. I too know the sadness that comes when you reach that last cast. I keep searching my tackle box for just the right lure to draw the fish from their slumber. I find that using bright lures on sunny days and dark ones on cloudy does the trick. But I find I must be in the correct spot to find that which I seek.

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      2. I love to fish and have my entirel life. It’s hard being away from salt and brackish water where I spent my first 43 years, but what do you do? You catch Stripers and Wipers and Walleye… Ha


      3. Yeah, and once in a while what appears to be a large SUCKER…. Darn things always seem to know when you’re about to set the hook and spit it right back at you. You know what those are surly? Being a fisherman and all. Anyway, don’t want to give too much away.. hehehehehe Wouldn’t you agree? Enjoy the cold there in Indiana wink, wink… Stay warm I hear the birds can get really hungry in that weather.. OOOps did it again I keep getting those two confused! Dang, Oh Well until next time!!


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