INNER CHILD… an abstract take on life

Her little hands were pressed against the window as was her little nose.  She was looking at the plethora of toys within.  You could see her rise onto her tiptoes and back down again.  What a precious and innocent sight.  Does anything or anyone cause you that exhilaration anymore? Have you lost that excitement in your life?

We grow older and get caught up in the world, but we need to have something or someone to make our hearts beat a little faster and long to hold or be held.  The innocence and wonderment of a child can be a gentle reminder to our older selves.  It’s okay to be sad, and it’s okay to be happy!  But there’s nothing better than grasping that deep down, (this is a feeling I remember as a child,) sensation to make us smile with unashamed abandon.

Just a thought…

Love to all…



12 thoughts on “INNER CHILD… an abstract take on life

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      1. I have to admit, I have a child like spirit. I find joy in the simplest things, but the last thing that brought me such child like, shaking with excitement, joy was attending a Metallica concert for the very first time last month!

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