Exemplary… a Christian poem

man holding sheep statuette
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


Humble yourself before the fray.

Turn the other cheek, then walk away.

Be not drawn into their sordid convictions.

Stay strong and pure to avoid afflictions.


The high road leads but only a few.

While others, flounder in need of rescue.

Looketh, not down with judging eyes.

Reach out your hands to lift and to rise.


For they of weakness were also cast,

From the hand of creation… the first and the last.

His is a plan that leadeth to light.

A cross that was bared, the body of Christ.


So, keep your heart filled with love and peace.

Give of yourself, and your all to the least.

For in this lays your greatest reward.

A life well lived… It pleaseth the Lord.

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