The Obstinance of Helen McObishaw… a poem

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(A fictional character)

The obstinance of Helen McObishaw

Would certainly cause one to blush.

She on her high horse

With nose in the air

Cause children to hide in the brush.

No, hers is a manner

That never should see

The light of a crisp morn or day.

Hide in the night

And pray as you might

But never get in her way.

Dogged, obtuse, tactless and short

Nary a clue as to kind.

Even the turnips

That fall off a truck

Though green wish they were blind.

Belligerent, ungrateful,

Indifferent to truth

Hubris worn like a veil.

And try as I might

To imagine this plight,

Not even I could concoct such a tale!

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