Out of Darkness… a poem

lighted candle
Photo by Rahul on Pexels.com


Darkness, darkness, darkness

As far as the eye can see.

Though falsehood sheds its light within

Contradictions are unveiled around me.

Unending solitude, which I not claim

Enveloping, no! Despair!

Something gnaws in the far, far reaches

Of a mind that has lost its fare.

Warmth here? Incongruous senses

Disrupting, disturbing and disbelief.

Cracks of light drift across my brow

Like lightning in the deepest of sleep.

Constellations echo with sounds unknown

Dancing a fevered waltz.

Congealed, my blood pumping inside my ears

Hesitations, questioning and false.

Frightened by a touch of an unworldly foe

Unseen, now my attention acute.

Blurred are the lines of reality,

As acuity realizes my truth.

Awake, awake, open your eyes

Infirmed you are no more.

Successfully was the tumor removed

Out of darkness

Out of darkness – and war.

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