The Fence…a poem

raccoon standing behind chain link fence
Photo by Pixabay on


That curious little fly,

Buzzes around and around.

Zipping past the window,

Is usually where he’s found.

If only you could read,

The envy in his eyes,

And the passion that he has within,

To finally get inside.

The other side of that window,

Where everything looks so fair.

“How my life would change,” he thinks,

“If only I could get in there.

Here, is just a waste of time,

I want to be away from this.

Opportunity will come knocking soon,

Then to the other side, and bliss.”

Determined, is this little guy,

To get across the fence.

“Over there, is more beautiful,

Than over here, it just makes sense.”

And finally, the time did come,

And the fly did get his chance.

Over to the other side,

To glide, and live and dance.

But now, in looking back again,

Maybe, for the very first time,

That fly sees all that he had missed,

When he lived out there, on the outside.

You see the fly, like you and me,

Didn’t appreciate what he had.

And now, upon the other side,

Where he was… doesn’t look so bad.

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