Gremlins… a short story



Gremlins don’t only attack airplanes and computers.  These clever, vicious, little (insert colorful language) metamorphosed over the years to also include the human body as their playground.  How do I know this you may ask?  Simple, some of these little (insert colorful language) have taken up shop in my sinuses.  Alas, thinking that I knew better and could outwit and outlast the destructive, little (insert colorful language) I played the wait-and-see game.  Well, Gremlins – 4 – Kevin – 0 – and suffering.

Not to be outmatched completely I have come to my senses, now that my voice sounds like John Wayne, and sought reinforcements.  Yes, I made an appointment to see my doctor.  In his wisdom and experience with these little (insert colorful language) I will soon be on the offensive, and my nemesis shall not be long for this world.

Wish me luck!


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