Wind of Change… a Christian poem




There is a wind of change on the horizon,

With power like that of the sun.

Atmospheric, pulsating, in its rising…

On deaf ears, it will fall upon none.

As the trumpets sounded all life did turn,

They are witness to a magnificent sight.

Hell’s fires extinguish, abruptly cease their burn,

No earthly creatures left in flight.

The Oracle on a mountaintop, for all, to see and hear.

The mightiest of nations subjugate in witness that some will fear.

The story of old passed down for centuries has finally arrived for man.

Those who gave themselves to Him ascend with angel’s, hand in hand.

For he who doubted and did not believe,

Or worshipped idols of a pagan god,

Lest in his heart he finds God’s seed,

Shall eternally submit to Satan’s squad.

So, feel upon your very soul, this wave of sacred touch.

The wind of change to make you whole forever in God’s clutch.

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