Imagination… a short story



When I was amongst the cow wranglers of Mars my perspective of an earthly life turned green with envy and red with admiration.  They, the brave cow wranglers, worked in conditions unfit for that of the meager, earthly human.  Their matter of fact attitude that the only thing that was important was the job at hand – cow wrangling.

Now, to the human mind and eye wrangling cattle seems antiquated and old school.  However, on Mars these creatures weigh many tons and are more than three meters in height and nine meters in length.  Add to that the fact that they are a wild beast upon the red planet and highly sought out for the delicacy they bring to the dinner table.  Also, the abundance of vegetation across the vast red plains lends itself to an exuberant feast for the daring bovine.  After all, like the human to its cattle on earth, size does matter.  But, I digress!

What drew me to the cow wranglers of Mars was not such a distant stretch to the imagination of most children born in the time of blight and famine on Earth.  No, we all dreamt of plates and plates of meat and vegetables and all the liquid we could consume.  And now, a dream come true in its most selfish form…Here I stand at last and in awe.  I have no time for altruism, not here!

As I observed the cow wranglers of Mars pursuing the ever roaming, consuming monsters my mouth begins to water.  I know that behind the walls of the home where I was invited to live and be part of so many years ago by my new Martian family there would be a banquet tonight overflowing with enormous dishes of beef on radiantly adorned tables.  Decanters of salacious libations await.  Vintages never imagined upon the world of my nascence are raised to plump perfection and the juice of the God’s extracted from what the mineral rich soils here give birth.  Unimagined wines so salubrious that there is no guilt in consumption.

My thoughts lose focus as the brightness of the giant sun beams down on my face.  Heat and the lapping of waves pierce my serenity, and, just like that, I am awake.  Awake from a dream.  I lay, no longer shaded by the huge umbrella that guarded me in my slumber, but on the sun-soaked beach.  Man!  What a dream!  Cow wranglers of Mars?  Hahahahaha…. I think I must have really needed this vacation.


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