Seriously, this happened… a silly poem



‘Twas a long night of slumber as the weekend made its way.

Clearing out the cobwebs in my head.

Mind and body thankful for respite from the work today.

Reluctant to arise and quit the bed.

Springtime morning brings with it the chittering from without.

Mother Nature’s way of waggling her tongue.

Distinct aroma wafts to me… heavily scented Arabica scout.

Stretch and yawn I know my spring has sprung.

Nonetheless, the usual business when at first, we rise.

Oh floor, you’re so much colder than the air.

Slippers lost beneath the bed as usually they hide.

Ever present monsters take them there.

Alas the wife stirs and smiles welcoming the day.

My loving heart for her is never needy.

She mumbles something so I ask her: “What did you just say?”

“And who the heck is that, Sheeda Mobeedy?”

Laughing hard and doubled over attempting to be strong.

Trying to process my quipped entreaty.

Understanding what she said and what I heard was wrong.

Her reply… “We need to change the sheets on the bed today, my sweetie!”

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