Truths… a very short story




It was the folly of control that capsized the steady vessel.  A sturdy, rock-solid resolve misplaced and misunderstood by it proprietor.  Theory is but an untested idea birthed in and by the mind of its designer whose intentions, while admirable, fall short of the mark.  No, reality has a means of exploiting even the heartiest of those who dare to dream.  However, where lies the consequence, when, and too often the case, that very shortfall causes ever increasing ripples to nurture what may very well become a tsunami of destruction upon a distant shore.  Pompousness, that ever so sneaky enemy cloaked as friend and companion, blinds the author and further blinds the pupils instilling falsehoods as solid evidences of stoicism.  And yet, the plight of the misguided propagate and fester until the wave is too strong and too fast to prevent catastrophe.  It crashes down taking good, bad and indifferent with it in its wake.  The weak fall fast and easy while the strong do their utmost to resist only to be submerged.  They too drown.  With them they take the last few doctrines of sanity and common sense leaving a whirlpool of depth-less malignancy to spread like an ever-expanding web.  All born out of falsity and misguided idealism.  Egoism, moralism, pragmatism… Tis all folly!

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