Depression… a poem




You manifest and tell me lies as you cut into my soul.

Yours is veiled in masquerade while you make my life your home.

The invitation to stay in torpor more likened of command.

You further weaken my resolve with every brush stroke of your evil hand.

Crippling me from within another day goes by.

How proud are you and the web you weave that you make me want to die?

Like the Raven who steals the shiny things you take the sparkle from my eye.

Haunted dreams awake or sleep companion day and night.

Creeping ever deeper these overwhelming roots of despair.

Acidic taste of sulfur permeates my only air.

Surely hell resides in me antagonists in flight.

Winged the demons with their fangs that long to take a bite.

Yet there is strength around me in the audience of my life.

Encouragement to stand me up against your fringed knife.

Family, friends and mentors who gladly walk me off the path.

That road of disillusionment can be broken, torn and slashed.

Love, a powerful medicine, can once again blossom and shine through.

Extinguishing depression, yes, Depression that is you!

One thought on “Depression… a poem

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  1. Wow…very powerful. I have no idea, though, what torpor means?

    Thankful for my iPad mini so I can email from almost anywhere (please excuse any typos!)



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