A life lived… a poem




It was the shot across the bow that got my attention.

The wakeup call I never wanted to hear.

Life is short enough with obstacles too big to mention.

It’s the elephant in the room that no one is going near.

We laugh and play and carry on without a worry in the world.

Then we grow into adults and wonder where it all went.

And stars still shine as bright across a midnight sky unfurled.

Constellations that we know are Heaven sent.

Once we had bright eyes from which only children know how to see.

Anticipation of what was next inside the paper bag upon the table.

Momma was always there to hold us tight to kiss our knee.

Dad was always there with crushing arms to keep us stable.

Like a distant memory reflected in the wonderment of a baby’s tears.

Once again, we are taken back in time.

And though that time has shortened we still get lost in hopes and fears.

As reality on life’s clock gets set to chime.

I remember, way back when, I thought I’d live to be 100.

Unpolluted mind of what really occurs across one’s life.

Now that mountainous climb I thought unattainable, made and blundered.

Not much longer for me now a sense of strife.

So, quietly I’ll go with hopes I never made come true.

And with me take these dormant dreams I’ve kept inside…

No, I spanned a gap of time and now I bequeath the rest to you.

Time to sit out the dance – journey’s end – my time has come – goodbye.

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