Poem turned song… I think




Claustrophobia, you are the place that’s dark inside of me

Claustrophobia, when you take hold only blindness can I see

A world of ever changing colors always fading out

A side of me I hate so much you fill my heart with doubt

And when I die I feel that I will finally be set free

You are the worst… antithesis, of who I want to be


Claustrophobia, companionship of you I wish no part

Claustrophobia, an endless tunnel only full of dark

I have always wondered how I’d live – if I were without you

A gift to me you cannot give for that would be untrue

So, here am I all grown up…yet, still I’m suffering

My season with you always spans my Winter through my Spring


Claustrophobia, you are the fright that I keep deep inside

Claustrophobia, I cannot run… I know cannot hide

Your grasp it reaches from a depth beyond capacity

And wrenches every ounce of strength to keep me off my knees

The only consolation, yes, the only friend I know

Exploding my poor pounding heart…unconsciousness – I go


Claustrophobia, one day your will, will cause my life to end

Claustrophobia, some day that fear will aid me to ascend

How much more can this soul take before it overflows

Blindness, headaches, your best friends, together you compose




Claustrophobia………… you-will-be-the-end-of-me…




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