Times of war… our hero’s stand up


Kindred the fallen

Threadbare and frayed

Broken in pieces so small

Soil is foreign

Your sacrifice given

The fight is for us one and all

Brave and relentless

The toils of battle

Prayers lifted more everyday

Hardened the portrait

Of those left behind

Whoa is the price that you pay

Cinders arising

Upon a beat ground

Hollowed the lost souls forgotten

Terrible pain

Is the stain of this war

Lying there in the trenches so trodden

Fleeting the thought

Family behind you

Lest you lose your direction

Your angels awaiting

Patient and safe

Challenging this missed affection

Never to waiver

Amid the explosions

Dodging, unbroken you bend

You’re cut is the brave

The solemn vow taken

Our Centurion protects to the end

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