The Owl…


Painting by: Tori Jordan

Who’s that watching with big round eyes

Plumage tuft out

Hear the word from the wise

Timid little creatures try to hide in the dark

Akin to my senses

Like fire to a spark

Air flows around as I leap into flight

In search of tomorrow

This ballet through the night

Stars winking down from the heavens above

Moonlight aglitter

Asleep is the dove

Epic nocturnal celestial my prey

Clasp by the talons

That sleep through the day

Haunted by what they can’t see nor can hear

Drifting eyes peering downward

Unsuspected the fear

Until dawn flinches with her first morning wink

Gliding back to my haven

I alight with a blink

As hungry mouths waiting for what I have cast

Into the trees heart

I succumb to the last

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