Always fight…



I am so lonely… solitude my life

My heart on a string swinging slow

Dissolving by minutes in struggle and strife

Trying hard not sink down too low


Intimidating as this whole life may be

There is always temptation and pride

In the end it rushes to set itself free

And bring us along on the ride


Try hard as I will fighting back as with club

Fire demons who come from below

Forget not thee now, tis Beelzebub

Who will take me and make me his show


But oh on the cheek does the sun shine on thee

Bringing warmth and loving through rays

Fear not, He is Lord, He will protect me

From that vulture who lives on his prey


Now Satan will argue you’re his if he wants

And he’ll lie to gain you his faith

But know in the mind that it’s there that he haunts

With the Lord he will lose if you sayeth


So as the spell sunders to bring my will low

Understand that a fight still exists

For free will is ours to push or to tow

Shake my head, shake my will, shake my fist


And fall not unto the scathing false prophecy

I will not give in to those ways

Fight I will, it is mine, this life my apogee

Always win as I sing the Lord’s praise


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