There is darkness…


Regurgitating the vehemence of earth’s deathly torture

Expunging the ooze known as life

Lie still as the minions take pride in their virtue

Brought on by man’s venomous knife


Pose not a thought of your virtuous deity

Once given to make one’s own choice

T’was lost in the arrogance of man’s own infinity

No longer in this has he voice


Shrewd, though it seems the trumpet did sound

Though only deaf ears did it fall

As agony reaped through all that abound

On the last days of winter through fall


Oh pray if you will after all that’s been sigh

Now another’s to walk upon earth

Cry into the wind as no ears hear you cry

Fallen angels will fill to their girth


Reflect to the time of your youth told to pray

To the Father who gave His for you

Now late, late, late it is now in your day

Your life never no never anew

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